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Campeón Tequila, literally translated as “Champion”, is stylistically crafted to be extraordinarily soft and smooth, highlighting the exceptional quality of our East Highlands agave. Consumed straight or mixed, Campeón Tequila is perfectly balanced and stands up to the diversity of ingredients used in today’s cocktail culture.

Invented by ancients.
Fed by volcanoes. Perfected by us.

Exquisite taste profile - Soft and balanced, exceptionally smooth with little to no ‘burn’. Creamy, luxurious mouth feel with a long beautiful finish.

Perfected Aging - At Campeon, we dilute from ‘still proof’ to a lower proof before going into barrels for aging Reposado and Anejo in order to maintain our exceptionally smooth taste profile.

Double distilled - Keeping only the central part of the process known as the ‘hearts’ while discarding precise amounts of the ‘heads’ and ‘tails’.

Natural ingredients - Campeon uses NONE of the 4 allowable artificial ingredients under CRT (Tequila Regulatory Council) guidelines: Sucralose, Glycerine, Caramel Coloring and Oak Extract.

The best agave - Campeón uses all East Highlands Agave – regarded as the finest available for Tequila manufacturing. Renowned for its exceptional quality as well as its robust sugar content.

Unique taste - Campeón uses a proprietary strain of yeast during fermentation that helps to create the creamy, luxurious mouth feel and long finish that is the hallmark of our Tequila.

Pristine water source - Located on the distillery property, a pristine artesian well is the only water source used in the production of Campeón Tequila.

Refined cooking method - Our pinas are cooked in traditional brick ovens for over 30 hrs - 18 hrs initially and then after ‘resting', for an additional 12 hrs.

campeón varieties

Beautiful soft amber color with luxurious golden overtones. Rich tropical fruit on the nose elegantly resonates throughout - notes of mango and guava married with caramelized peaches. Wisps of campfire smoke and fresh cracked pepper on the palate from additional aging in wood are followed by an unforgettable mouth feel and a smooth luxurious finish. A great tequila for cocktails or sipping neat.


Beautifully pale yellow in color, reminiscent of early fall straw. A kaleidoscope of citrus flavor on the nose permeates throughout - fresh lemon and lime zest with ripe orange and a hint of sautéed butter. Primal elements of toasted oak in perfect proportion on the palate, exceptionally balanced and structured with a beautiful, long finish. The perfect tequila for cocktails, especially the Margarita


Clean and fresh, brilliant and reflective, like a vision of arctic ice. Elegantly floral, yet earthy on the nose, with a hint of fresh, open sea air. Light caramel undertones on the palate with a pure agave flavor clearly derived from a meticulous distillation process. Perfectly balanced, incredibly soft and lush. Pleasurable to drink either neat or served in your favorite cocktail.