East Highland Estates Artisan Blue Agave Tequila:
Campeón is produced in the most prized, exclusive area in the State of Jalisco. Blue Agave can be grown on the plains, in the lower Highland Region, the mid Highland region, or the Eastern Highlands. This area in the East Highlands is the most rugged terrain, yet captures the perfect amount of sunlight, and the soil there contains minerals which produce the finest blue agave plants known to man.

Understanding Campeón's Superior Quality: Unlike other fine spirits such as many whiskies, or vodka, which can contain other added ingredients, Campeón is 100% pure highland blue agave juice. Most tequila on the market today is a blend of a small percentage of Agave juice with added sugar cane alcohol to create what most consumers refer to as Tequila. For maximum flavor, Campeón is distilled and then bottled at 80 proof, never diluting the lush flavors or product quality with anything but the juice of the Highland Blue Agave.

Soil and Climate: Like fine wine grapes, the terroir, or soil and environment play a vital part in creating a superior tequila. The world's best Blue Agave is grown in the steep mountainous region in Jalisco, Mexico known as The Highlands. While other companies may prefer a milder, less intense flavor, blending with more ordinary agave from fields on the lower plain of this area, we at Campeón insist on using exclusively "Blue Agave de superior" from the uppermost regions in The Highlands district. It's significantly more costly to farm, and our rough, dry soil produces fewer kilos per acre, but the resulting product is nothing short of amazing. The Highlands' rocky mountain soil forces the blue agave roots to struggle for water and nutrients and as these roots dig deeper for scarce water, the lack of moisture creates a depth and concentration of flavors, with a finish that is remarkably smooth. Our Campeón Blue Agave plants are in such rocky soil, we get a maximum production of 1 case of tequila per plant, very small considering each plant takes 8-10 years to mature, but this is what creates our intense concentration of flavors. You will taste this intense and silky richness in each bottle of Campeón.

Production: At Campeón we grow and only accept superior raw materials. Our 100% Pure Blue Agave is hand-harvested at no less than 8 years of maturity. Each Pina -- sometimes called the pineapple, the core of the Blue Agave -- is repeatedly tested to find its uniquely optimum harvest point. Once the Pina is harvested, we hand cut it into manageable pieces and bake the Pina in our antique brick ovens, then hand-press, extracting the caramelized juices and sugars, and place those in old-style fermentation tanks. Our master distiller determines when each lot is perfectly fermented, and we use an old-fashioned pot-still to distill each lot and each type of tequila, to achieve our signature velvety smooth flavor. Our distillation is slow and 100% natural, using no accelerators to assist in rushing the process.

Philosophy: Unlike other mass market distillers, we only believe in distilling fine tequila twice to achieve our maximum flavor and intensity. Exceptional Blue Agave is soft and rich in taste, and one of the purest distilled spirits in the world. Multiple distillations strip high quality beverages of flavor and unique personality, something we won't do with our fine products.

When you look closely at Campeón's aged products, they are a lighter color than what you may be used to in other Añejo and Reposado tequila. We don't believe in using overly charred barrels which impart their own flavor, an industry trick for easily masking a flawed product. You'll see our light straw color which comes not from the barrel but from caramelizing the Blue Agave. Our barrel aging softens and adds depth and layers, but you'll never see our product's exceptional flavor masked by woody barrel overtones. You will taste the rich agave juice, aged to perfection.

Aging and Bottling: Once we have distilled each small lot, our Reposado and Añejo are transferred to small oak barrels which help age and refine the tequila, creating further depth and complexity. The aging process is meticulously followed by our Master Distiller to achieve perfection in each type of Campeón. Once the optimal aging time has been reached and we feel each barrel has achieved its maximum potential, barrels are hand selected for bottling. Before the final production phase, every bottle is washed and sterilized in our own pure agave tequila so Campeón's signature intense flavor is never diluted by any other element. Using this time-consuming method of carefully hand-crafting each harvest, we have been able to create the finest Blue Agave tequilas on the market. At Campeón, we produce a round, full-flavored pure Blue Agave tequila with a supremely elegant finish. Think of the finest XO Cognacs and you will understand the layered complex richness and elegance we strive for. Whether it's Campeón's Añejo, Reposado, or our classic Silver, you won't find better tequila.